[Act II] Once Upon A Time In The west

(c) June 16 2012 Sir. Rudyard Snaggs


Acknowledged 7th wonders
Walking past the Rotunda
Or Standing under
Giants billboard in the hood
That stood
over the ave like the Colossus of Rhoads
Recall the dress codes
When I fell in love with those
Air Max 1’s in the window
In the summer sport
Cut off shorts
Nikes with velcro
like patches
On elbows
shell toe
in various stripes
Air nikes
That came in orange & grey box
Hi top Reeboks
Le coq
Was love like 14th
As Diadorras
Part of the diaspora
Ski jackets in a Plethora
Of Fresh Prince colors
Left stains like krylon
From bartram
To Saigon

Once upon a time in the west
[Act I] 1c

(c) June 16 2012 Sir. Rudyard Snaggs

8 million stories
From a 18 story
Roach infested
Piss infected
Rat trap
Good times of the bottoms
Ain’t we lucky we got em
My mans uncle was bookman
Just looking
Out of the window watching another assault
Against unsuspecting adult
On the asphalt
Little ghetto boys In front building peeing
As if you can’t see em
So trifle
A home boy got jumped
In front
Of Mc Micheals
Sweet daddy
Cruise the streets, in a neat caddy
Way Before the 9-0
Pass Ned the wino
And Lenny
Who Had em 20’s
A plenty
While Classmates with penny
Jamel was trying to write As master of ceremone is was quite
Circa West Phila 85’
young 85’s
Curb side sharpening knives.
city of god with in West Philly
Omar was Lil Z

Once upon a time in the west
[Act I] 2b

(c) June 16 2012 Sir. Rudyard Snaggs

As sun goes down
the moon comes up
Sums up
The 6-0
Sounds of Cash & Marv on the radio
Dope on plastic was the Aspirin
Jus cooling With fam on Aspen
31’s Turned at the end of the block
Girls we clocked
As Rob Base rocked
Under clouds of Incinerator smoke, my cuz and just me
strolled cross the dusty
West Park, poolside in front of Busti
Past a octopuss gate spray painted and rusty
Entered with out hassle
Mantua Hall, was like a haunted castle
Pipers scavenged for capsules

Once upon a time in the west
[Act I] 2a

(c) June 16 2012 Sir. Rudyard Snaggs

Tales from the Parkside
Dark side
As it gets dark
in Malcolm X park
Echos of a tech spark
Smokers like
of the living baseheads, Broad daylight
under a tinted canopy
Cats getting ran Left & right
For a pair of J’s on 5-2
Red ,white & blue
stars spangled
Past the cookie jar
to Woolworth’s, hack
Lay up back to back
Broadcast from Friday
Replayed on Saturday’s
Through ghetto blasters
Caught El’s instead of 31 to get home faster

Once upon a time in the west [Prelude] 1c

(c) June 16 2012
Written, directed, filmed by
Sir. Rudyard Snaggs

As many styles it took
As many styles seen
Inner City Youth, Law 1
Covering walls like Unfolded page
During Golden age
Urban hieroglyphics
Xtra prolific
Arosole Inscriptions
B boys walked Egyptians
a sight to behold
Legends of a lost city of gold
Remain untold
Along West Minister wall of the fame
Bared the names,
That’ll live forever.
Like visions of neffertti
On James Rhodes graffiti
Came alive
Mr t
& Bill Cosby
With gold chains
In front a El train.